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Would you like to help us take care of the animals at the gaushala even if you can’t visit or be there everyday? You can adopt one of our cows or buffaloes and provide us with the funds to make sure they get the attention they need. You can donate to our fundraiser by Donatekart toward their food. This is an ongoing expense so feel free to share the link with your family and friends too.

KAJAL, DUBBEE, MAHI and MAYA are not feeling sound probably because they haven’t been able to adjust to the climatic conditions here very well. We can’t let them out to graze in the open because of this and so they will be tied in the stable till they improve and are fit to go out with the others. The gaushala is not in a condition to feed them all the good nutrition they need. We need to buy good quality fodder and oil cakes for them to improve. We are looking for compassionate people to adopt them virtually and we will share their progress with them every fortnight.

Very soon we will have their names put up around their necks so anyone who meets them will know who they are and anyone who adopts them is welcome to come visit and get to know them better anytime.

The expense for green and dry fodder, oil cakes (khal) and jaggery come up to Rs. 6000 per cow for a month. Please let us know if you’d like to take care of these beautiful beings either individually or jointly. And you’re welcome to visit and get to know them better anytime. You can donate for their food at the campaign link created by our sponsor Donatekart. The amount will go directly to the merchant who will provide us the food.

This beautiful lady is Kajal.

This is our dear Mahee.

Here’s Dubbee.

And lovely Maya!

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