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Ahimsa Land Foundation is a non-governmental or not-for-profit organisation that works at the grassroots level focusing on sensitising people, mainly farmers, about the impact of their farming practices on their agricultural land and climate change as well as the impact of animal husbandry on the environment, our health, and on sentient beings so we can come together to create a kinder and cruelty-free world. We believe in compassion for all and in systemic change which benefits one and all.

Our Dream

The world is in a crisis state with climate breakdown looming over us. But all is not lost if we put our minds to it and act in ways to stop the further collapse of the world’s ecosystem that has existed for millions of years. We also see the growing suffering of our fellow beings, especially farmed animals, who are made to endure unimaginable misery due to our daily choices and aim to bring justice to their lives. At the same time our farmers are compelled to work in filthy conditions and end up laying bare thousands of years old forests by raising these animals. Our dream is to restore centuries-old natural living routines aligned with the concept of ahimsa (nonviolence) and that benefit all. We believe everyone has the right to live on a just and peaceful planet with healthy and free inhabitants.

Our Vision

Our aim is to place ourselves in the position of farmers in order to find viable solutions. We aim to be inclusive in our approach by working with government officials and other decision makers as well as the general public including students, restaurants, and shop keepers to help bring about the change we need in order to have healthier inhabitants on a healthier planet.

Subhash Palekar Krushi And Permaculture


Working with Farmers and their Children

Our Approach

Our aim is to place ourselves in the position of those involved in these exploitative practices to help them understand the impact of their actions on the climate, our health and on the animals that they use as a source of income and to find viable solutions using better approaches and alternatives. We intend to do this by replacing the cruel, exploitative and uncaring farming methods and disrespectful practices that are standard in animal husbandry and agricultural farming today with those that are gentle on our planet and its inhabitants. We adapt our well-drafted educational methods according to the needs of each opportunity to achieve our vision of a planet free of exploitation and suffering. We work with farmers, government officials and other decision makers, volunteers, activists, students, restaurant and shop owners and the general public to bring about a lasting change.


Crop Agriculture

Conventional Farming
Subhash Palekar Krushi
Organic Farming
Regenerative Farming

Alternative sources of income

Let's join hands with farmers to create a kinder planet for all.

Planned execution with government and local officials

Collaborate with farmers to create a sustainable planet

Darshana Muzumdar (L) with Hollywood actor Jerome Flynn (M) and a vegan activist (R).

We believe every animal deserves to be happy, safe and free. Support/Join us in this journey to liberate animals from exploitation.

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