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A dairy in Gurdaspur, Punjab was planning to shut down. The elderly couple that ran it could no longer take care of the 20 cows/buffaloes there due to their ill-health, and we got the opportunity to rescue these animals. Instead of selling them to other dairy farms where they would continue to be exploited, they were given the chance to live out their lives in a gaushala near Ahmednagar, Maharashtra. Sadly, we could rescue only 15 of them as they sold off 5 due to their poor financial situation before we could find a place for them.

It wasn’t easy to transport these cows and buffaloes all the way from Gurdaspur to Ahmednagar, and considering the facilities available, it must have been a terrible experience for them. It was a torturous 4 day journey with stops during the day. You can see them resting in the pics below.

They finally arrived and some were very weak to even stand up. The journey had had its toll and we soon lost one calf that had been sickly even before starting the journey.

They were tied up and kept in a shed for a month or so till they got acclimatized to the new place and regained their health. The ropes through their noses were removed and gradually they were let out to graze along with the other previous rescued animals in the beautiful surrounding area till the grass lasts. One of the buffaloes was unwell and the four Holstein cows are also not fit enough to bear the new climatic conditions. These five remain in the shed until we find a solution to help improve their lives.

The expenses for bringing them to the gaushala and also constructing a new shed have been heavy and we invite you to support us in this project. The new shed will help us provide more space for these as well as some of the other 500 odd cows/buffaloes already there. We will also be able to make separate compartments in this long shed to allow mothers remain with their babies. At the moment, they are under risk of being trampled by the older ones and so have to be kept tied away. By donating you have the opportunity to help improve the lives of these gentle beings and become a part of our growing community.

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