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Indian Vegan Cookbook is an online resource to help people transition to a vegan diet with ease and joy. As Indians, more than 80% of our diet is already vegan without us realising it. You will get all the help you need to eat not only an Ahimsak diet, but also one that will keep you and the people you cook for healthy and free from lifestyle diseases.

The best food we can eat is fruit, so make sure you eat plenty of it right from the start of the day till evening. Fruits are nature’s bounty for not just for human health but also for the planet. These sun-cooked delicacies satiate both your hunger and sweet tooth. It’s a main meal cum dessert all rolled into one. Eat seasonal and regional to reduce your carbon and water footprint too!

Traditionally, we in India, ate only two meals: one at around 10 in the morning and the other at around 6 or 7 in the evening. This was possible because the meals were majorly made up of dishes that had a low glycemic index and of course plenty of both soluble and insoluble fibre. Intermittent fasting was already a part of our lives. Once you start eating nutrient-dense food, you will slowly realise that you really don’t need to eat as much as we are told we should.

Trees are the core to soil preservation. Their roots go deep and loosen the soil to help rainwater seep in and get stored in the ground. Growing plants in a permaculture farm makes sure that we use the least resources to get maximum returns from earth. Also, one single fruit tree can help meet the nutritional and food security needs of a larger number of people than any other crop. Logically, in other words, eating fruit helps us keep the smallest area of land under cultivation for our needs leaving the rest to forests.

If you prefer to eat cooked food, remember that eating traditional Indian meals of roti, sabji, dal, chawal, kachumber, papad, chutney and aachar can be the easiest way to follow an Ahimsak diet; only make sure there is no dahi, ghee or other animal products in it. There are many plant-based dairy substitutes that you can use instead.


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