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Most of us know that the concept of Ahimsa is an age old one rooted in many of our religions, but can we still call India ‘The Land of Ahimsa‘? This documentary, directed by Aryeman Ramsay, is the story of Dolly Vyas-Ahuja’s journey to veganism. The many interviews of plant-based doctors, athletes, animal rights activists, entrepreneurs and of people who run sanctuaries examines and brings the burning question mentioned above under the limelight.

It’s time for India to go back to her roots and find her true self by living the values she professes to believe in. We need to create a world based on the principles of non-violence and justice that will help relieve many creatures we exploit of the suffering we subject them to in the name of food, clothing, apparel, experimentation, labour, entertainment and other uses. The bonus is that it will not only help mitigate climate change to a great extent but will also benefit our health and mental wellness.

We truly hope that “The Land of Ahimsa” will encourage Indians, as well as viewers all around the world, to practice “Ahimsa”, or in other words, non-violent behaviours. We are in urgent need to transform the state of the country and return it back to the peaceful place it once was by motivating and empowering one and all to make nonviolent choices starting with the food we eat to the way we treat others. Everyone has an inner activist who seeks truth and justice, and this film will hopefully bring out this inner voice.

You can watch this feature length documentary here and we encourage you to share it with others as well.

We are happy to share that Darshana Muzumdar, one of the founders of Ahimsa Land Foundation, has also been featured in it.

Dolly Vyas-Ahuja with two beautiful rescued calves at Animal Aid in Udaipur
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