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The commercial dairy industry hasn’t been prevalent in India for very long. It was only in the 1960s that the White Revolution or Operation Flood commenced after Verghese Kurien visited Nestlé abroad and brought the concept of milk as an important “food” to India. Till then, milk and milk products were only seen as luxury ingredients in Indian homes and were consumed by mostly those who kept one or two cows in their yards and only when the cow had a calf every once in three years. The buffalo was a late entrant to the food system in India and has become more common only after the beef ban as farmers can no longer sell their cows to slaughter easily.

Maa Ka Doodh (English) follows the journey of Dr Harsha Atmakuri, an MBBS doctor, who gave up his lucrative practice for his need to discover the reality of animal husbandry and its exploitative practices in India. It’s a must watch for anyone curious to know the why and how of dairy in India and how we are manipulated and coerced into consuming dairy and dairy products. If you would like to watch the Hindi version you can find it here: Maa Ka Doodh (Hindi).

Darshana Muzumdar, one of the founders of Ahimsa Land Foundation, has also contributed in the making of this documentary and is proud of the fact that her small contribution has played a role in helping bring the truth to so many hearts.

Watch on YouTube: Maa Ka Doodh

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