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We celebrated Kojagiri Poornima at the gaushala by having a simple but delicious meal of misal pav and rice with a sweet semolina sheera. The room for celebration was set up by the boys and Nitin Maharaj who is one of the founders of the gaushala. There were truly melodious renditions of kirtans, bhajans and abhangs by a team of Maharajas from far away who were all felicitated by Shri Nilesh Lanke, the corporator from Ahmednagar District.

This is the first year we are part of the celebration and we made delicious flavoured coconut milk. It’s the first year that both vegan and dairy milk were served to people there. We wanted to enjoy celebrating with them and hope to lead them gently on the path of Ahimsa. Religious beliefs are a sensitive topic and we can only show anyone with a strong sense of identity with these practices how to transform by being a part of their celebrations. This is just the beginning and from next year we intend to serve only almond or coconut milk. You can check out the recipe of the delicious coconut milk here.

Everyone loved it, especially the children, though it was a new taste for them. We added jaggery, readymade masala and additional ground cashews, almonds and cardamom. Next year we’ll make the milk ourselves instead of buying Tetra packs. Do try it out. It’s truly delicious.

This Kojagiri Poornima, Shri Nilesh Lanke also did the pooja of two cows before enjoying some more beautiful bhajans, kirtans and abhangs by the well-known team of Maharajas.

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